Brand the Agency is a Charleston, South Carolina based branding agency

    that offers brand development, brand advertising, print advertising, marketing, naming, logo design, visual identity, rebranding, web design, web development, copywriting, art direction, and graphic design.

    Brand the agency has worked with numerous clients not just in Charleston, SC but across the country. The team at Brand the agency have come together in Charleston SC and after years of working for other people in the marketing, advertising and branding business and seeing it done wrong, decided to start an agency that gets back to the basics of branding.

    Brand the agency calls Charleston

    home, but is bigger than Charleston, South Carolina and offers marketing, advertising, and branding solutions for new business, established businesses, startup businesses and more.

    Marketing, Advertising, and Branding is our lives, and we look forward to helping your business, wether in the Charleston SC area or in Alaska grow to its full potential.